12pcs=1sets Aromatherapy Essential Oil 12 Kind 3ML Fragrance Aromatherapy Oil COMPOUND ESSENTIAL OIL

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12pcs=1sets Aromatherapy Essential Oil 12 Kind 3ML Fragrance Aromatherapy Oil COMPOUND ESSENTIAL OIL
Specification: 3 ml / bottle 12 bottles / box
Aromatherapy can clear the air of pollutants ( exhaust gas and germs ) , clean the air, improve air quality and to avoid infection with the bacteria infection . Aroma accessible via the olfactory brain , so that focus , enhance memory or improve mental , emotional and psychological state of the mediation , insomnia , anxiety , stress, irritability , depression , headaches and other diseases of civilization have a good effect .
The effectiveness of essential oils [ introduction]
Lavender (lavender): to purify , soothe the mind , calm nerves, emotional balance balance sebum secretion , Acne , relieve muscle pain and help sleep.
Rose (rose): soothing mood , improve premenstrual tension , eliminate fine lines , wrinkles , Breast whitening, improve sex , anti-bacterial .
Jasmine (jasmine): Relax , refreshing uplifting , fade stretch marks , increase sperm count and vitality, aphrodisiac .
Osmanthus (osmanthus): colds , cough , sore throat , sputum , blood pressure , rheumatism , vaginal discharge : to strengthen the nerves, activation of brain cells , memory and attention to help .
Magnolia (magnolia): There are a lot of vitamin C, can prevent colds , moisturizing effect on the skin , can balance the acid value salty skin , helping collagen formation .
Tuberose (tuberose): often used as a sedative , antidepressant prescriptions, but also a good aphrodisiac may improve sexual problems , relax tension , soothe fine lines , skin whitening .
Sandalwood (sandalwood): balance sebum , acne, dry skin aging : the treatment of insomnia : help lymphatic drainage , increase immunity .
Orange (orange): to promote sweating , which can help to plug the skin detoxification of toxins , oily , acne or dry skin who Jieyou help.
Sea (ocean): excellent for aging skin rejuvenation effect. Soothe emotions, frustration, sadness, jealousy hate when boost mood , relieve nervous tension .
Forest (forest): has a warm feeling of relaxation and promote tranquility , to remove fatigue , concentration, antidepressants , sleep helps to prevent wrinkles.
Lotus (snow lotus): restore sexual function quite remarkable , the most powerful aphrodisiac , has a mild eliminate pain , pain characteristics / soothe fine lines , skin whitening .
Apple (apple) can purify the air , is an excellent mood exciting agent, fatigue , headache, menstrual cramps , etc. have some slowing effect.

  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil
  • Ingredient: Essential Oil
  • Brand Name: ZANABILI
  • Model Number: Essential Oil


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