Multifunction USA High-tech Newest Updated Version AKS 2016 Long Range Underground Gold Siliver Copper Diamond Metal

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb.)
  • Package Size: 42cm x 33cm x 12cm (16.54in x 12.99in x 4.72in)

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Activity of searching gold,silver and diamond is very hard.AKS detector only supply you general metal locate.I don\'t promise you can detect metal.It depends on right operating ways and good luck and good psychological state.
1.Safety precautions
Do not use power supply system specified voltage, and please use the external equipment provisions. n any case, do not open the instrument or charger, and trictly to the equipment modification. The instrument down if the damage label, the warranty guarantee to change that service failure.
Instrument in thunderstorms and the sun cannot insolate use.Instrument cannot place near the stove or other high temperature environment. Instrument can\'t be placed in the flammable and explosive substances. Probe cables of the plug can\'t even damp, such cases to put the plug in the drying to use or be more lost detection ability. This product is a precision instrument. The open switch or press the button, please moderate strength, action simply;Instruments used must pay attention to the gentle, prevent fell, collision.
2.Warm Prompt
Thank you use AKS detective, gold tracker (hereinafter referred to as: AKS detective gaza), using in Germany G detective, read it carefully before operation manual and properly kept for future reference. Operation Guidelines can tell how can we use AKS detective in the use of the gaza and existing in the process of the risk of what may.
Possible adverse factors: if the correct use of the instrument is not to bring any physical problems. In today\'s science and technology condition, high frequency of the signal is not going to body any harm.The correct use of the environment: the low and high temperature below zero to instrument have suffered, to stay away from combustible and explosive of objects.
To avoid danger please will instrument articles with other keep 50 meters away.
You working voltage: this instrument using built-in battery. Before use, please use the instrument of the charger with direct charge,
Note: absolutely can\'t use 230 V voltage power supply!!!
Metal objects to the instrument measurement will have certain interference, measuring around please remove metal objects. So when measuring the please send your mobile phone, necklace, watches, such as the key to metal objects taken down.
The copyright notice:
Later all rights reserved: AKS U.S Later the company has the final explanation of manual. Thank you later use AKS detective, gold trackers, in use this product please read carefully before operation manual and properly kept for future reference.
This manual content is only for reference, specific parameters to manufacturer kind prevail. Later by this manual AKS.U.S. translation
Later the company reserves in a manual product technical specifications of the modified and improved rights without prior notice. Later the company reserves in do not make any prior notice to the revision to the technical specifications of the right. later the company reserves in do not make any prior notice the right to revise this manual .Later in any case, I companies not caused by the instruments of any income loss undertakes the responsibility.
Please comply with local later relevant laws and regulations, and in any case, Our companies not caused by the instrument of any legal responsibilities in. Later, of this manual all pictures and practical operation and function is for reference only, please in kind prevail reasonable, legal use.
3.Product introduction:
AKS detective gaza is a excellent performance gold search instrument. The strength of the American AKS gaza, professional production manufacturers detection instrumentation. This detector sensitivity and stability for the international similar product the highest level. In addition to the above characteristics outside, this product is also one of the most prominent characteristics that can be identified the type of metal, allowing you to easily find useful metal items to you, this is the domestic other types of similar products do not have the functions. Has this detector, you can go to a more open place agent treasure activities, searching for gold, silver,copper, precious stones. This type of equipment archaeological and scientific theory field of perfect combination, has the high quality remote search system and precise positioning of the detection system, the breakthrough the conventional detection method, using the micro electric processor control
chip unit calibration, apparatus, self-checking system can quickly and easily scan, detection, greatly enhance the ground treasure the working efficiency of the lovers and reduce detection labor intensity, and is the most advanced,practical, economic metal detection instrumentation.
4.Product main features:
The strongest product kernel, intelligent modular operation
Powerful + convenient + speed efficiency
Easy and fast to advanced and efficient...
5.Technology parameters:
Product name: AKS detective metal detector
Search system: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity
Search range: 1000M
Detecting depth: 20M
Energy: 12V 1000-1600mAh
Launch frequency: 5.6— 6KHz
Signal frequency: 360— 440Hz
Weight: 3.2KG
Detection type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones
Charging methods: this instrument has installed rechargeable batteries, direct access charger, can charge, charges time 10-12 hours.
6.Boot test:
Open the host with the search device switch, the search is work blink; When host preference copper gear, a search is corresponding copper instructions parade light, in turn, choose the host other silver, gold, and precious stones gear, a search is corresponding to the light of the instructions of the light.
If appear hosts select gear, and search is the corresponding indicator light not bright, may be the host and search instrument is enough, need to recharge.
The above situation normal word, the apparatus normal, can be at ease use.

  • Power: 12v
  • Brand Name: JinYinBiTan
  • Model Number: AKS
  • Communication Interface: Wireless
  • Power Supply: 12V
  • Detection way: Direction location
  • Detector type: Handheld
  • Depth : Max 20 meters
  • Detection Metal : Reject iron.only can detect Copper,Silver and Gold etc
  • Weight: 3.2kg


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